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Mobile app development is the process of making software applications for mobile phones, tablets, and other digital assistants.

Mobile app development is the process of making software applications for mobile phones, tablets, and other digital assistants. At present times, we have our whole worlds in our mobiles. Therefore, mobile app development services underwent a tremendous growth in the Lockdown.

Apps can be of every imaginable type due to technological advancements and innovations of today. So how a mobile app comes into being? What is the whole process and how an idea gets on to a mobile screen?

All these questions are answered here along with many other insightful pieces on the magical process of Mobile app development.

The process of Mobile app development

1. Ideation & Project Discussion.

The first step in this magical process is of course the ideation. Every app that you see was once an idea. Therefore, you have to think of an idea first and then divide your perception into two major categories of problem and solution.

Once you are clear of what you want and how can you solve a problem, the idea automatically becomes a project. A project here refers to a task that is practically doable and has solid planning and strategy for its initiation, development and deployment.

To make this easier, be clear about the audience you want to serve and think of their needs and requirements at present times. How can you solve them? How can your product be the ultimate troubleshooter in this regard? Once you have a solid idea of product and how you want to go about it, you can start with a rough draft of the process ahead.


2. Business analysis and research

The second process in mobile app development is of great importance as it gives your idea the desired authenticity and capability to develop into a fully functioning product. Business analysis and research are crucial for any project as it gives insightful info on the market trends and your competitors. Furthermore, it will also provide you with cost estimation of the project to make it easier for the budget overview.


3. Wireframing in mobile app development

After an in-depth analysis, your app idea is ready to undergo the wireframing process. Wireframing is the process of checking the app’s functionality through 2D sketches and illustrations on a structural level. It serves as a visual guide on how the app will look like once it is made, and describes its design and operational frameworks. Wireframing is crucial to a successful app development because it provides ample room for changes in design, theme, app structure and other areas to ensure perfection in the final product.


4. UI/UX Design

This is the domain of designers. UI/UX is where the designers bring in their expertise and work on the app’s look, feel, aesthetic sense and theme. They also ensure a higher user-friendly element in the app and its overall functionality in terms of usage, screen version and problem-solving.  


5. App development

This stage kickstarts the app development in full swing where front end, back-end app development and API integration begins. The developers work their magic and make sure that the app is the perfect combination of the client’s idea and modern-day technology.


6. Q/A Testing in mobile app development

Q/A Testing is performed by a team of software quality assurance experts to check the app’s functionality and performance before its final release. Two major types of tests are performed on the app to ensure its market success and flawless working;

  • Functional Test. This test checks on the user interface and ensures a perfect delivery of the project’s/client’s requirements. This test proves beneficial for both the client and the user side as it showcases what the product actually does and thereby, ticks off all the business requirements.


  • Non-functional Test. This test determines the performance, reliability, scalability and other factors that ensure the app’s flawless delivery. Any setbacks and bugs are carefully searched for and removed to assure the overall efficiency of the app.


Final Launch

The app is ready to launch after the Q/A testing and can be released on the decided platforms by the team. Post launch activities such as marketing, sourcing user feedback, Support with pricing and analysis should follow up systematically to ensure the app’s success and sustainability in the market.


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