Top 5 Programming Languages for Mobile Apps

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Programming language is the foundation of every software in gadgets. It is a set of instructions written by the developer for applications. A programming language provides commands to the software for the execution of instructions and delivering the final output.

The continuous growth of smartphone users in contemporary era has increased the substantial demand for software developers to create user-friendly mobile apps. Due to this, there is an exponential growth in the creation of programming languages for mobile apps.

Programming language is the foundation of every software in gadgets. It is a set of instructions written by the developer for applications. A programming language provides commands to the software for the execution of instructions and delivering the final output.

For the development of mobile applications, programming languages are a game changer as they ensure flexibility and proper app functioning. They determine the architecture of mobile software and equip the user with a reliable and purposeful app.

In this information space, every technological device is updated to the optimum with the addition of latest features regularly. Therefore, it is essential to use mobile applications that are written in high-end programming languages for the best user experience.

There exists a diversity of languages when it comes to writing codes for mobile applications. Almost 700 programming languages are available in the market for developers to experiment with. The choice of selecting a programming language depends on the type of mobile app being designed and the operating system it will run on.

Below are some of the most famous types of mobile app programming languages that are a favorite of every beginner and professional developer. 



1. Swift as a Programming language

One of the best programming languages that is currently in high demand by developers is Swift. Initially released in 2014 for the Apple operating system, it is the most powerful language being used by software creators.

It supports iOS, macOS and iPadOS systems and is an excellent choice to develop high-performing Apple applications. It replaces Objective C language due to its complex nature. Writing Swift code is interactive and quite easy. The syntax is concise and expressive which makes it easier to learn.  

Swift is an intuitive programming language due to its compact coding structure hence making it a user-friendly option to adopt. It provides the developers with speedy outcomes and provides multiple features like seamless designs and fast-running apps.

2. Kotlin as a Programming language

Another modern programming language that is loved by developers is Kotlin. It was announced in 2011 by JetBrains and Open-Source Contributors officially for the Android operating system. It was built as a replacement for Java and is more efficient in working than it.

Kotlin is one of the widely popular programming languages due to its simplicity and maintenance. This language allows the developers to focus on their creative side to generate innovative ideas instead of writing a low-quality set of instructions.  

Its exceptional features like faster compilation, concise set of libraries, null safety and lambdas make it a stable language to learn.

3. JavaScript

Launched in 1995, JavaScript is the most common programming language in the developers’ realm. It is a high-level, full-stack development programming language that allows building of front-end mobile apps via React Native framework.

React Native framework supports both Android and iOS systems which makes it compatible with cross-platform apps. It is used to create dynamic animations and is easy to use. 

The benefit of using this programming language is that it saves the bandwidth range, thus making it a cost-effective language with fast performance. One such example where JavaScript is used in mobile interfaces is the popups that appear on the screens.

4. Dart

Dart is a general-purpose programming language created by Google in 2011. It is an emerging language creating its own space in the market. As a most productive language, it develops mobile apps on multiple operating systems via Flutter framework and is quite flexible in approach.

The best part of Dart is easier prototyping and an extensive range of tools to use in coding. It is easy to learn especially when used in C-style syntax and is highly efficient and modern to use in mobile apps.

5. Python

Python is the most widely accepted programming language and is immensely in demand by beginner developers. It possesses a simple syntax structure which makes it quite easy to comprehend for its readability. Python does not work directly with native apps however, due to its frameworks like Kivy, it can build software supporting Android as well as iOS platforms.

What makes it the favorite language for developers is its ability to develop apps in a minimum timeframe as well as a wide variety of libraries that focuses on all aspect of software development.

Python is an exceptional tool when it comes to prototyping as it provides the coders the full advantage to experiment with their new ideas while at the same time using the app.


Programming languages are the building blocks of mobile applications. As a developer or a beginner, it is immensely important to consider factors like the type of OS before designing the application.

The list of opting for the best programming language does not end here. Developers tend to mix and match multiple programming languages when it comes to building apps. However, listed above are some of the trending types of programming languages that will provide high performing mobile apps. 







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