Our Story

It all started back in 2014 when TanBits was just an idea into our minds. Believing that we could turn it into a reality. An emerging tech company with a strong client base. With years of practical experience into our hands, all we needed was an opportunity, and a kick starts to turn this idea into a reality.

For the last 6 years, TanBits have been in the front row of some of the emerging Software development companies with a remote workforce, giving its employees all the opportunities to be who they were as individuals and enjoying complete workplace flexibility.

New Office Premises

We are very confident to announce that TanBits has finally moved physically to our new office premises. With a huge variety of facilities and a great working environment, we encourage all our employees to flourish their technical and professional skills here at TanBits.

Pros and Cons of Remote Work

When we talk about the remote work, it comes with both its pros and cons. There are two different schools of thought in this respect. The one who is in favor of working remotely claims that it increases the productivity of the work as we have flexible hours to work on a given task. The companies in the favor of remote work claim that working remotely, in fact, saves a lot of time and money.

And there is another school of thought that believes that there is very little collaboration in case of remote work. Although there are a lot of different tools available for collaboration between the teams, yet Companies believe that in case of remote work, there also lies a risk of putting the sensitive information of a company at risk, which is a valid point to consider.

Initial Measures

It was a crucial step for us to decide to move to a physical office. We had to keep in mind a lot of things before taking this step. The location had to be perfect, easily accessible to our employees and with all the necessary facilities provided. We made sure that all the things are up to the mark providing our employees with all the possible facilities to encourage them to perform better in the new office environment.

Right location and space make a big difference

It was going to be a huge investment with plenty of time dedicated to this project to make sure that all the arrangements were made as expected. We feel very proud that we have taken this very step to facilitate our employees. We believe that the employees are our most precious asset and we have to make sure that they get all the facilities, that can help them grow their technical and professional skills in company culture. Because we believe that the success of an employee is, in fact, the success of a company. We have this aim to turn this office into an incubation center for the employees to re-sharp their skills and excel with us in the long run.

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