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Join us at Tanbits - a multinational software development company based in Canada, with regional offices in USA, Qatar and Pakistan.

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MEAN / MERN Stack Developer


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Laravel Developer


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Elixir Developer


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Python Developer


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Perks and Benefits

Tanbits cares about the financial and emotional well-being of its employees. While working with Tanbits, you get the following perks and benefits:

Paid Leaves

Enjoy vacations, fulfill personal responsibilities, or just take some rest by availing paid leaves.

Child Education Support

Tanbits plays its part in providing quality education to your children.

Gym Allowance

We care about your health and fitness. Stay fit and ahead of your game!

Training Fund

We empower our team to aim for certifications, helping them achieve greater feats!

Growing And Dynamic Team

A growing team provides more learning opportunities.

Medical Coverage

We hope you don’t have to use the benefit of having In-Patient/Out-Patient coverage!


All employees should be taken care of according to the rules and policies. Enough said!

Flexible Timings

Can’t reach at 9 a.m. sharp? Don’t worry, join us whenever you can and enjoy our culture!

Personal Development Fund

Attend seminars, buy yourself a new gadget, or develop your own workspace at home!

Annual Increment

If you value us and the work you do, we will value the time you gave us!

Work From Home

We provide flexibility to work from home 3-days a month.

Performance-Based Bonuses

We appreciate our hardworking and top-performing employees with bonuses.

Advance Salary

Need some money urgently? You can enjoy your salary in advance in the time of need.

Gaming Facility

The office doesn’t have to be boring. Light up the atmosphere and enjoy yourself with your team!

Personal Loans | Home Loans | Vehicle Lease

Tanbits puts forward solutions towards car and home financing.

Paid Internships

Enjoy paid internships with an opportunity to learn from the experts.

Annual Recreational Trips

Tanbits arranges annual leisure and recreational trips for employees.

Team And Company-Wide Dinners

Connect with other teams, make new friends, and enjoy food with company-sponsored dinners.

Self-Service Pantry

Craving a cup of tea or coffee? Tanbits provides a self-service pantry for everyone.

Employ Discount Program

Enjoy exclusive discounts on selected restaurants.

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