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Devops loop

DevOps s a set of practices that blends software development and IT operation with an aim to provide quality product delivery. It also shortens the system development life cycle that enables a smooth yet a continuous workflow.


An amalgamation of two words; Development and Operations, is a set of practices that blends software development and IT operation with an aim to provide quality product delivery. It also shortens the system development life cycle that enables a smooth yet a continuous workflow.

How DevOps deliver a quality software product?

The main goal of Development and Operations is to create ease and convenience in all the phases of software development. It does so by;

1. Increasing deployment frequency

2. Lower the failure rate of new releases

3. Quick response and recovery time for fixes and sudden application crashes

DevOps Lifecycle- The 6 Major C’s

Like the 5 C’s of effective communication, the development and operations lifecycle also has 6 important C’s. These define the whole process of this dynamic. Let us explain each step in detail below


1. Continuous planning

Just like every mega procedure, planning lies at the core of this process and enables exceptional product delivery through identifying root causes. Furthermore, it allows the teams to measure progress, conduct tests and trials along with adapting innovations to come up with better results each time.

2. Collaboration

Up next in the 6 major C’s is collaboration. DevOps is the synergized working of Development and operations departments and that is only possible because of effective collaboration. Collaborative development enables efficacy in business development, test teams, cross-platform workings and lifecycle management. This means that different teams that are scattered across different time zones are able to stay connected and in synergy to assure quality software delivery. Communication is the key to success in this regard and a solid collaboration among all the departments ensure better future outcomes.

3. Continuous testing

A software is incomplete without testing and trials. Therefore, continuous planning is a crucial part of the 6 C’s here. It reduces the testing cost and helps preventing future issues and bugs in system deployment and updating. Testing also enables seamless integration of test environments into phases of SDLC to ensure secure work set up and less chances of breakdowns and bugs.

4. Continuous release & deployment

Continuous release and deployment is the next important phase of 6C’s because it allows automation of key processes in SDLC. This in turn, enables lesser manual processes, minimal rework and reduced wait time for resources. It also keeps the deployment and release cycle going smoothly with an enhanced level of quality and transparency.

5. Continuous Monitoring

Another strong factor to reducing overall project costs and inducing strategic planning in it is constant monitoring. Continuous monitoring and check allow the teams to detect errors timely and propose authentic solutions for them. Furthermore, the high-performance dynamic of this process enables convenient yet enhanced large-scale reporting on it. This means that every detail is kept under check to ensure a quality project delivery and a systemized operational flow.

6. Continuous Optimization

The last step in here is continuous optimization. Continuous optimization allows the teams to seamlessly integrate and optimize their systems and operational activities. The new methods are easily applicable across all the teams and the results become insightful and measurable this way.


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