Most Common Programming Languages Used in 2022

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Web development is a vast domain and the most sought-after skills of 2022. To start a career in this domain, it is necessary to master the languages ​​of web development.

Web development is a vast domain where opportunities are always plentiful. Today, in 21st century, web development is one of  most sought-after skills. To start a career in this domain, it is necessary to master the languages ​​of web development. You might counter confusion on what to learn with various programming languages ​​that exist today, especially if you are a beginner.

All programming languages ​​have their syntax, structure, and rules that must be followed to implement all the codes without error.

 Let’s take a look at the most common programming languages used by web developers.


JavaScript is a scripting language. It runs directly from its source code. There is no need to translate machine code before running it. JavaScript is also a complete stack language but it is most commonly used on front end. JavaScript creates interactive web page elements such as:

  • Clickable buttons
  • Images that can zoom in and out
  • Audio and video on-page
  • JavaScript frontend coding is used for the world’s most popular websites like LinkedIn, Amazon & Facebook.

Programmers also use JavaScript to create server-side applications using runtime environment. For instance, Node.js lets developers use JavaScript for operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and Windows.


Python is a general-motive language that’s intuitive to study and able to develop distinctly superior programs. In 2021, Python topped the list of most popular programming languages for learning and implementation.

Python is one of the best languages for web development as it is the most popular in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science. Used mainly on back end, Python is a great language for beginners. Its syntax is easy and quite readable for starting out on learning coding language. 

Python is also an object-oriented programming language. It splits your code into self-contained units that you can move between projects to avoid unnecessary coding from scratch.

Most importantly, Python boasts a vast and growing repository of modules, libraries, and frameworks – pre-written code combinations that allow you to quickly scale app and software development.


Java is a flexible OOP language used for Android development, in addition to desktop and web application development. It is a platform-independent, multi-motive language used for programming and is a favorite among diverse corporations because of its stability. It is one of the languages for Web Development in 2022 that you must learn. Key features of Java include;

  • Java supports multithreading so multiple threads undergo execution simultaneously, which means maximum CPU usage.
  • It supports vertical and horizontal scaling with minor code changes.
  • It can handle large amounts of data and is extremely secure. 


Like Python, Ruby is an object-oriented programming language that focuses on simplicity and productivity. It is popular with web developers because it:

  • Classifies code into simple building blocks called classes.
  • Uses “garbage collection” to organize and clean memory.
  • Encapsulates instructions in blocks, so it’s easy to call on them.

Ruby is the foundation of popular Ruby on Rails framework for web applications. Like Ruby itself, Ruby on Rails is relatively easier for non-programmers to study. It has a large user community and lots of tutorials, as well as dedicated libraries that speed up coding.


PHP is a short form for Hypertext Preprocessor and server scripting language. This language creates scripts on web servers that generate custom responses for each user’s request.

Learning PHP lets you create web pages with custom user interfaces. A well-known example is WordPress, which uses PHP for structure and display. This enables visitors access to thousands of different websites. This is why WordPress users can get access to different dashboards that support their taste and needs.


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the most famous markup language in web development and, it is a must-study for front-end web developers. HTML is relatively simple compared to languages ​​like JavaScript and Python.

HTML is a declarative markup language. It describes the elements of a web page through labeling and does not process logic, manipulate data, or take input. It also does not produce output like scripting language and it is precisely used for web page structuring and templating. Most startup frontend developers start by learning HTML, and the format that web pages take when they are stored on servers.

It’s not possible to code a functioning website without HTML. In fact, if you right-click on any web page (not on a link) and choose View Page Source, you may see the HTML for that site.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) work closely with HTML. CSS is a styling language. A special kind of declarative language that tells what the HTML code should look like on the screen. CSS can:

  • Place an element in a specific place on the page.
  • Add shading and borders.
  • Describe the color and style of a link.
  • Resize text, font, or color.
  • Change the page background color.
  • Animate page elements and sprites.
  • And much more.

CSS is a bit more complex than HTML, but it is still understandable for beginners and is especially important for web design. Once you study the basics, you may extend your expertise with extensions like SASS and its syntax, SCSS.

Conclusion on programming languages

Now that you know the basic information and insights on web development languages, you can start your learning process easily. Choose the one that suits your needs and start your career in web development like a pro. Check out TanBits for a free consultation in this regard.


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