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The Bigcommerce industry is constantly changing and this year has been no different. More than ever, merchants are creating or improving their eCommerce businesses to meet customers’ needs efficiently.

The Bigcommerce industry is constantly changing and this year has been no different. More than ever, merchants are creating or improving their eCommerce businesses to meet customers’ needs efficiently. While it may seem like everything in Bigcommerce is evolving, we narrowed it down to its current trends and features that will effect businesses in the coming months and years. 

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12 Bigcommerce Trends & features Leading the Way

Augmented reality for BigCommerce

Augmented reality (AR) has been a complete game-changer for Bigcommerce. With this technology, buyers can shop with a whole new experience. AR transforms the shopping experience especially in fashion and home decor because the customer can view the product with more clarity and options.

The Voice Search Factor

Not only do most people own smart speakers, but they also rely on voice assistants to complete their day-to-day tasks. Loop Ventures predicts that by 2025, 75% of American households will have a smart speaker. 

As more and more homes adapt to smart speakers, more consumers will use voice search to shop online, order meals, and organize their lives. The addition of voice search in Bigcommerce creates an opportunity for growth for Bigcommerce and other businesses in terms of keywords and content.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning enable the users to have automated, personalized shopping experiences. AI is constantly collecting data on how customers shop when they make a purchase, and what they are looking for in a product or service. It’s a piece of technology that can’t be replicated in a store. Therefore, AI in Bigcommerce provides great insights into consumer psychology that eventually makes the brands to perform better.

The Role of Big Data

Today, many users are more aware that Bigcommerce sites are collecting personal data, which puts them at risk. Because of this, experts have mixed feelings about the benefits of big data and how it has impacted the personalized shopping experience. But overall, Big data keeps providing meaningful consumer and company information. This information resultantly becomes the fuel for success for B2C and B2B sectors.

Moreover, tech companies continue to expand and bring in more services domestically, personalization will eventually reach the Internet of Things. In addition to viewing suggestions on search engines or shopping platforms, we will also view them on our thermostats and our indoor cameras.


Chatbots interact with online shoppers as if they were in-store sales associates. Today’s buyer wants to be able to find and buy a product in just a few clicks, and if he can’t, he gets frustrated. This is where a chatbot can step in and save your sales.

Chatbots are the talk of the town these days for customer support. However, experts think they will radically change the way people shop online. Today, they stand as one of the most crucial marketing tools.

Online Shopping

Mobile shopping allows consumers to shop from anywhere, which is very important in today’s world. However, if your Bigcommerce site is not responsive on mobile or through web apps, you will miss out on great opportunities. Customers who are mobile users want the ability to shop and make digital payments in seconds for convenience.


More ways to pay

Customers have individual needs when it comes to payment methods, but they can cancel a potential sale if they are unable to make a custom payment on a Bigcommerce website. Offering different payment methods is a great way to increase conversion rates on mobile devices. In addition, if customers can save their payment information on your site, they will be able to check out even faster the next time they make a purchase.

Headless and API-driven Bigcommerce

Headless Commerce is a solution that completely separates an online store’s e-commerce platform from the front-end presentation layer. 

In addition to its flexibility, more big commerce businesses are adopting headless due to their additional SEO, content marketing, and digital experience capabilities.

Role of Video in Bigcommerce

Video is a great way to engage users in 2022, and it’s not going to end anytime soon. Creating videos for your website is a great way to quickly grab and engage customers and letting them know about your product or services.

Videos cannot be underestimated. Videos can help you better understand and showcase your products than images that eventually leads to conversions and sales.

Subscriptions keep customers coming back

These days there are all kinds of subscriptions and their convenience is attractive to the users. For companies, subscription services provide a way to plan for inventory and sales that are already closed.

Sustainability is becoming more important

Today, consumers and businesses are becoming more into preserving the environment. Because of this, consumers are becoming aware of where they shop and how it affects the environment and related issues.

For example, many businesses are looking for ways to become more environment-friendly by using paperless, biodegradable packaging, and recyclable supplies whenever possible. Portraying the sustainability factor with and on Bigcommerce platforms is easier yet impactful today. This means that the digital platforms are also conscious of promoting ecology.

Optimization of digital strategy for conversion

Bringing potential customers to your site is one thing. But converting them into buyers is another. In 2022, businesses want to improve their conversion rates by improving their product pages. Multi-channel selling is another way to get conversions, whether it’s through Facebook ads or shopping ads on Google.

Other strategies like campaign development and aligning your brand’s message with your marketing tactics is a great way to build a loyal consumer base. Thankfully, Bigcommerce platforms are adept in providing you with all these features so you can undertake “marketing without boundaries.”

Wrapping Up on Bigcommerce

BigCommerce is here to stay with its beneficial features of built-in SEO, more customizations options and low-cost factor. Experts say that Bigcommerce will outperform the traditional ecommerce platforms in the coming years because it uses innovation in its core. Therefore, if you want to take your business on the highest level of success then Bigcommerce is the right choice for you.


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