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Leverage big data services to make informed decisions
  • Reveal the hidden information in data to transform your business.
  • Scale AI across the enterprise to re-imagine customer experience.
  • Employ data governance to ensure high-quality data.
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Our big data developers solve data challenges to help you become a truly digital business.

Data Engineering

Build a data warehouse and data lake solutions along with modernized ETL development, execution, and management. Tanbits’s big data engineers assist you in creating data pipelines to transform real-time data into organized datasets that can be used for further analysis.

Data Visualization

Gain valuable insights from your data by building interactive dashboards and easy to read reports. Partner today with Tanbits to build data visualization dashboards that will make analytics understandable and organizable for everyone at every level of your organization.

Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Analytics

Make informed and quick decisions by accelerating your time to insights. Tanbits provides custom business intelligence and data analytics solution development by leveraging a data science approach to make your business data simpler to understand and empower data-driven decision making.

Big Data Consulting

Harness the power of big data strategy consulting to improve business outcomes. With expertise in the Hadoop framework, MPP databases, cloud storage systems, AI, machine learning, and other emerging technologies, we enable you to define your big data strategy tailored to your technology landscape and objectives.


Employ DataOps to automate and improve data quality for effective outcomes. Our DataOps services bring agile methodologies to the entire data lifecycle for improved data quality and efficient integration. This also allows better data access across your organization.

Big Data Implementation

Fetch data from different sources and analyze it to find answers. Our big data developers use popular open-source technologies including frameworks like Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Kafka, as well as machine learning and deep learning algorithms, to develop a comprehensive pipeline for storing, processing, and analyzing large amounts of data.

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TanBits Employs highly experienced Backend, Frond and Mobile Application developers that feel pride
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Our Big Data Approach

Working with Tanbits, you ensure predictably successful results each time. Our streamlined and thorough processes keep us competitive. Tanbits strives to optimize the big data consulting and analyzing process to make sure your time and investment are utilized most efficiently. By simplifying our strategies, we make outsourcing big data consulting the best experience for you and your customers.

Big Data
Tools and Technologies


Apache Spark



Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Amazon AWS


Frequently Asked Questions

Big data services are used by organizations to perform statistical analysis on their data by a third-party provider. These data services can help businesses to understand and use insights from Big Data to gain a competitive advantage and launch new initiatives.

Real-world Big Data use cases are:

  • Personalized marketing initiatives
  • Insights into consumers’ shopping habits
  • Streamlined media streaming
  • Predictive inventory ordering
  • Making business decisions through data insights

There are several Big Data tools utilized by businesses for different purposes. Here are a few of them: Apache Spark, Hadoop, TensorFlow, Cassandra, MongoDB, Cloudera, OpenRefine, Apache Storm.

To get different results from Big Data, these skills are required:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Data Visualization Skills
  • Business Intelligence
  • Programming Skills
  • SQL Expertise
  • Data Mining
  • Familiarity with Data Domain

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